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The Old School Artist Retreat Center

Bringing the arts to rural Minnesota!

We are a non-profit art center in Lengby, MN.

Art can transform a place.

We're making a difference in our community through art!

Your donation will help us offer more classes and is tax deductible. We are a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

Art Matters

Art matters because it has the power to change your perspective, mood, beliefs, and ideas. Art can transform a place, represent a community, take you back in time, or move you forward into the future. It can help you understand where you came from and where you are headed - and to grapple with the beauty and uncertainty of all that occurs in between. Nothing else in the world has that kind of power.


At The Old School Artist Retreat Center, we intend to be an influential conduit for artistic power.  You can help!

The Vision

Our dream is to create a destination for arts education and community growth. We intend to support and inspire members of the community who may not otherwise have access to the arts.  We intend to be responsible stewards of the historic schoolhouse building in Lengby, MN. 

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to bring aspiring and professional artists together in an inclusive space for artistic and nurturing workshops, retreats and events, and in the process, promote community vitality and art education in rural Minnesota.

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