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Artist Retreats!

Immersive and nourishing 4 day retreats for professional artists

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Our Next Retreat:
October 17-20, 2024

Imagine  -- 4 days to work on your art, as you're next to other artists.  Be a part of a magical weekend with other creatives.  Be inspired, be supported, make new friends, eat phenomenal food, take a yoga class, go on optional excursions, and rejuvenate your spirit.  We have an epic weekend planned with plenty of free time built in for you to get your own work done.  Price is $495 (includes incredible Mike McColl level meals but not lodging).

Be sure to check the drop-down menu on the menu bar above for FAQ's, good information, our schedule, and policies.

On the Final Day of the Retreat we'll host and advertise an Art Show for you to sell your art (open to the public)

We will open the Lengby Town Hall doors to the public from 11-4p on Sunday, October 20th.  You can choose to set up a table to sell your work!  Plan accordingly with products, displays and business cards.

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