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Greek Cooking Lessons (At Our House or Yours!)

It all started with a Naked Fish...

A Naked Fish Party.  You see, Mike has hosted infamous Greek dinners for decades.  The Naked Fish dinners became so famous in St. Paul that he had to form a secret mailing list.  Even still, the party kept outgrowing its boundaries, and more and more people were attending the private and exclusive Greek dinners. 

Nowadays, Mike teaches people how to cook Greek food in their home (or ours).  You can come to our house for an incredible family style meal - or - he can bring the ingredients to your house and you all learn together how to make authentic Greek cuisine.  It's fun.  It's festive.  It's deee-lish.  No naked fish are actually harmed during any point of the evening (but that's only because lamb tastes better :).  Contact him for more information and set up a time!

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