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High School Art Competition

Students in grades 9-12 who attend schools within 60 miles of Lengby, MN (or are homeschooled in that zone) are invited to enter up to two pieces of original art in our juried Visual Arts Contest.  This is a competitive contest to select 10 students who will be eligible for cash awards, $100 art-supply gift cards, and the chance to participate in a high-level gallery show.  Winners will receive 10 hours of class instruction about the business side of art, including developing an artist statement, pricing their work, marketing, and time management.  Students will also frame their winning pieces and learn how to 'hang" a gallery show.  There will be a final gallery show reception in November in Fosston, MN to showcase and sell their work.

The professional art classes will be held in-person in Lengby, MN.  We will hold these classes in 2 five-hour sessions on 2 of the October Sundays (2pm to 7pm with a fun dinner included).  It is important that our emerging young artists meet each other and work together in a supported environment to achieve higher level artistic goals as a powerful group.  We also intend to teach students how to frame their own art, which naturally needs to be done in-person.  We understand that Lengby could be a distance for some students to travel and we will be glad to help arrange transportation.  We will arrange November best dates/times with students to hang their pieces in the gallery show and for the gallery reception. 

Eligible work includes, but is not limited to, drawings, paintings, fiber, pottery, photography and sculptures.  All artwork must be original in composition and concept, and executed solely by the artist.  Artificial Intelligence tools are prohibited at all stages of the creative process.  The Old School Artist Retreat Center reserves the right to determine if a piece of art is inappropriate (please keep it PG-13).  Submission of art does not guarantee acceptance.  Only the top 10 students will be selected.

Registration is $5 and opens September 9, 2024.  The deadline for applications is September 30, 2024.  There will be a registration link here soon.  Good luck!! 

Let us know if you have any questions!  More information to come.

Thanks for submitting!

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